RTW Statement in Solidarity with Revolutionaries in Austin on the Loss of Garrett Foster*

RTW extends this statement of solidarity to the revolutionaries and working class of Austin, Texas on the occasion of the loss of Garrett Foster. At this time we also wish to recognize and extend our solidarity to the Austin Targeted Three, the Mike Ramos Brigade, and Austin Direct Action (Garrett helped found this last organization).

Austin is home to a vibrant revolutionary movement that has been a mainstay of the countrywide movement for many years and has trained many strong fighters for the working class. As such, they have faced some of the harshest forms of state and reactionary repression.

We were deeply saddened to hear of the loss that occurred on Saturday July 25, and we encourage all of our supporters and revolutionaries around the country to continue to pay attention to and lend support to revolutionaries in Austin. We recognize Garrett’s heroism and example as a servant of the people and will honor his memory and all those who have given their lives for the people by continuing to fight for the working class. You can read about his life and death here.

You can support Garrett’s family here.
You can support the Targeted Three here.

We support the solidarity demonstrations that occurred in LA and Oxnard. We also emphasize to our supporters and the masses of Tampa, that we are in the same fight and that what happens in Austin, or lately in Portland, is only a prelude to what will happen to other cities with growing revolutionary activity. We encourage all of our supporters to read and closely study the Tribune of the People’s recently published expose on the state’s repressive targeting of activists in Austin, Texas. To the extent possible, we encourage others to undertake such a task in their respective cities. It is important to be aware of the enemy’s strategies and attitudes towards revolutionaries, and also important to expose their machinations to the people. Additionally, comrades should read Tribune’s reporting about the Austin Targeted Three here.

Across the country, we must take seriously the increasing threat of non-state reactionary groups and individuals that have been growing over the past five years, and the further reactionization of the state toward fascism**. Each of these recent articles about Austin by the Tribune of the People cover one of these aspects.

To deal with this threat, activists should train militantly to protect themselves, their comrades, and most importantly the masses. Garrett Foster understood this and was carrying at the time of his death. However, we must also understand that even when we train and are relatively prepared, we will still incur losses. This is the reality of struggle, even while doing all we can to minimize the frequency of these instances. Activists should also pay close attention to the reactionary machinations of the state and study their tactics and expose them.

In Tampa, over the past couple of weeks activists have been attacked on three separate occasions by reactionaries armed with vehicles. In all three incidents, the reactionaries have gotten away relatively unscathed. This is a problem that will continue to grow so long as they are able to continue enacting reactionary violence against the people that is not met with revolutionary violence.

We take the task of developing revolutionary organizers very seriously and intend to work with the masses of Tampa to solve these problems and develop the revolutionary movement by using the Mass Line. We conclude this statement by answering Tribune’s call to “take the oath to be more like Garrett Foster” and Whitney**** and encourage our supporters and all revolutionaries to do the same, principally by going among the people to organize for the “one solution, revolution.”

“¡Garret Foster presente en la lucha!”



*Note we have no organizational ties nor affiliation with any of the organizations mentioned in this post. We support their revolutionary work and look to them for inspiration. We were not asked to make this statement of solidarity, but do so out of genuine support and condolences for the revolutionaries and the masses in Austin.

** For a modern Maoist examination of Fascism see this piece by Struggle-sessions’ Kavga https://struggle-sessions.com/2019/05/30/until-it-descends-into-its-grave/

***Here are some articles on the mass-line for interested activists.

****This is the article where the call to take the oath is from. We encourage supporters to read it. https://tribuneofthepeople.news/2020/07/26/opinion-honor-and-glory-to-garrett-foster-servant-of-the-people-defender-of-black-lives/

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